Private Yoga Session

Taking on private yoga instruction is a great way to begin a new yoga practice or advance an existing one.   Whether you are suffering from mental blues, fatigue, physical ailments or you just want to move more joyfully, Lauren will design a program that fits your life and your needs to bring you back to optimum mental and physical functioning.

To those trying yoga for the first time, a few private sessions are a great way to ease anxiety about stepping into a larger class.  Having a basic sense of alignment is highly beneficial to insure that you won’t get injured in a studio environment where the instructor may not be able to have eyes on thirty students simultaneously.

For those already enjoying a regular practice, private sessions are wonderful for perfecting the Asanas that challenge you most.  Private sessions can help you conquer the more elusive yoga poses that may be intimidating to attempt in a studio setting, such as headstands, handstands and arm balances.

Private yoga instruction can be therapeutic for individuals coming back from injury, trauma or illness.  Progressing at your own pace, yoga will help build mental and physical strength and stamina. Lauren’s free-spirited and upbeat approach to the practice of yoga make advanced postures accessible and fun. Lauren specializes in helping athletes prevent injury in their sport and regain strength and range of movement during the rehabilitation phase. She has also been highly successful in providing personalized, tailored private yoga to executives and C.E.O.s of large companies whose fast-paced stressful lifestyles were leaving them exhausted, jet-lagged and achy. Her exuberance and flexible sessions help them increase energy levels, productivity, and overall quality of life. Lauren’s students continually express that they feel more energized, more confident and more successful both on and off the mat since starting a yoga practice with her.



At Avigna Yoga we firmly believe that practicing yoga with experienced instructors should be attainable for anyone with the desire to do so. As such, we offer flexible pricing options.

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