Coaching & Mentoring Session

Feeling overwhelmed? 
Have more questions than answers? 
Are you needing to make a change in your life?
About to take on a big project?
Want to make an international move?

Coaching or mentoring sessions with Lauren Rudick offer candid reassurance by an objective observer. Having taken on a different path than she was brought up to and made it work, Lauren promises to listen intuitively from her heart and help you move forward.

She has lived on 5 continents and traveled solo to over 40 countries. Lauren has built a thriving yoga community and business from the ground up using trial and error, grassroots marketing and mostly a ton of soul.

Lauren can help you discover your passionate path and help you identify and begin taking the necessary steps to make your life goals reality. She will help by offering a kind, listening ear and specific tools and actions to put you confidently and fearlessly on your road to success and happiness.

Mental health is part of overall health. Feeling confident, grounded and happy in our choices and our lives is the first crucial step toward thriving. Give yourself the gift of well-being. Sign up today. 


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