Tusk & Crown Jewelry is inspired by yoga and handmade with love by Lauren Rudick.

Lauren is a jet-setting yoga instructor who loves to busy her hands on her downtime snuggling her puppy, surfing, beaching, snowboarding, hiking or listening to inspiring music while letting her imagination explode into her jewelry designs. So how did this yogi get into jewelry?




The story is short: Lauren’s love of yoga and fashion needed a fusion- pieces to go with yoga pants or a little black dress. She wanted beautiful, blingtastic jewelry that also represented who she was as a yogi. She wanted to be reminded of the lessons and breakthroughs encountered on the yoga mat once she stepped off it. One stormy winter evening in Montreal, Lauren started rummaging through drawers and found some souvenirs she had bought on a whim in Southern China: strands of pearls.  Lauren made herself a mala out of the them. After compliments from friends, family, students and having a stranger make a purchase right off her neck, Tusk & Crown was born.