We recently went through a verbal overhaul. The line formerly known as Avigna Yoga Jewelry is now called Tusk & Crown. Why?

A few reasons... Avigna was originally chosen because it was closely related to one of the names of Ganesh, the hindu elephant-headed diety. The name Avig(h)na specifically refers to Ganesh as a lover of peace. We loved the intention behind the name but unfortunately it was difficult for many to pronounce and spell.

So we decided to move forward, in keeping with the original intention behind our line and call ourselves Tusk & Crown.

With Ganesh having so many quirks and accessories, why did we choose these two to represent our jewelry line?



In his epic mythology, Ganesha broke off his own tusk while writing scripture. His one tusk represents Ganesha's vast pursuit of knowledge. Other reflections interpret the single tusk to be a symbolism of holding on to the good and throwing away the bad.

Ganesha's crown is regal, shiny, beautiful. However, it also alludes to his knowing that there is a higher spiritual power above us. Like Ganesha's crown, our malas are meditation tools to help our wearers tap into their highest potential and investigate their own life's purpose. They are also meant to be beautiful adornments, just like Ganesha's bejeweled crown.