There's a ring that I've worn every single day for the past five and a half years. Something I've always identified as a “signature piece”. I found with a friend in an antique shop. The most beautiful and unique ring I had ever seen. A gold band that looked like a mini belt wrapped around your finger with paisley inspired engravings on the band and three turquoise stones set in the front with the belt detailing. I spotted it in December, a time when it was out of my budget. The following March, the friend brought it for me as a gift to cheer me up after my grandfather passed away. I've worn it every day since. I finished unpacking groceries from a quick trip to the store after work last night and realized this ring that I thought I was going to wear for the rest of my life was missing my index finger. It's been fitting a bit loose lately and must of slipped off without me noticing. I called the grocery store I was just at, nothing has been turned in. I called where I work to see if anyone had seen it, no dice. I tore apart my purse and car and retraced my steps without any luck.


Normally when I lose something important to me, I feel anxiety and sadness (this seems to be a common response, yes?). But this time was different. I felt a sense of calm about the whole situation, and was able to acknowledge that I was doing so. I knew that what is for me will not pass me and if I've really lost this ring for good, then space is being made for something better. My ego was quick to jump all over that flame but in my truest of truths, but I knew that feeling upset about the situation wouldn't do me any favours. I wrote about it to process my feelings and express my energy (because that's important, suppressing feelings just makes lessons take longer to learn). I also did two, one-card readings – one last night and one this morning with Doreen Virtue's Healing with The Fairies deck asking “What message do you have for me right now?”. Last night I pulled “Look Inside Yourself” this morning I pulled “Rise Above Your Problems” - both readings confirming what I already knew to be true: it's time to Surrender.

Surrender can apply to every single situation in your life. From being stuck in traffic, to losing something, someone or an opportunity, to future tripping about an upcoming moment; surrender to it to get through it. It's kind of like listening to your gut – in your truest of truths, you know that you will make it through whatever is happening in the present moment and deep down you know that negative thinking will not help the outcome of the situation. Realizing this won't be comfortable at first. It may seem scary to let yourself be vulnerable, to allow yourself to Surrender. But the more you do it, the better you'll feel overall, the more you'll start trusting yourself. It is what it is and there's nothing you can do about it. But that doesn't mean that you need to bring yourself down with negative, fear-driven thoughts over it. You are worth the effort it takes to Surrender and ground down in your personal truth in order to feel better in the present moment. Trusting your true-self and surrendering is something that your ego will try to tell you is hard to do. Sometimes you might feel like it's playing a trick on you, that's not surrendering. That's your ego using fear against you. You will always have everything you need in the present moment. Surrender to the present moment, consciously feel all of the feels and know that the Universe has your back in all situations. My current mantra of choice is “I surrender, I surrender, I surrender...” and I use it all the time. From having trouble falling asleep at night, to panicking when my engine light turns on while driving down the highway, to now losing something I considered to be an important lifelong possession (Mercury in Retrograde, is that you messing with my week???).


It's empowering to take a step back from what the present situation may look like and get perspective on what is actually happening on a deeper level. Journaling has saved me big time, I've never really kept a consistent journal until the beginning of this year and have noticed a huge change because of it. Writing helps you tune in to your feelings – simply just thinking about a situation over and over may seem effective at the time but that's the ego thriving away and stopping you from moving forward. Writing your thoughts out can make space for ways to think about things differently, at the very least it will help you process the situation and honor your feelings in that moment and in turn, listen to your personal truth. I also find it helpful to focus on how you want to feel (highly recommend The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte), it helps you gain a better perspective. Everyone will have a different way to make the process of Surrender work for them. I recommend simply starting with the “I surrender, I surrender, I surrender...” mantra and see what comes up from there. The best practice is the one that you feel most natural and comfortable with. Surrender until the cows come home and get ready for your best, brightest life.



I'm a 20-something young professional in Alberta, Canada sending good vibrations out all over the place! Writing keeps me grounded in my truth while baking goods for others makes my heart sing. My happy place is anywhere with a beautiful view. I believe in the best of people and hope we all make it. If you have a dog, I want to hear about it. Follow me on instagram or twitter