We recently caught up with our stunning Luminary Tara Mackey.
Tara is a musician, model and passionate hollistic health blogger. Her blog the organic life is full of tips and product reviews for staying healthy and happy. We love Tara's passion and fierce go getting attitude. Read our chat below and learn more about this luminous woman.

NAME: Tara 

STAR SIGN: Happily a Virgo :) 

NACHOS VS. SUSHI? I'm a home made sushi addict. 

HOW DID YOU DECIDE TO TURN YOUR PASSION FOR MUSIC INTO A FULL BLOWN CAREER? I had to do what my heart was telling me to do.

WHAT WAS THE TIPPING POINT? I was a year into my environmental lab job (my last "real job") and realized how absolutely miserable and sick I was.  I decided to come off of a bunch of pharmaceuticals I had been prescribed and was taking to "help" my problems (spoiler alert: none of them had helped).  I started to get sick immediately, but I also immediately started pursuing my dreams.  It was radical and beautiful.  I left my job after hiring my replacement and moved to California to create a drastically new life for myself.  Music was a huge part of that!

WHO INSPIRES YOU? Everyone!  Seriously.  I just love meeting new people.  I also love interesting musicians, open minded artists, beautiful souls, radical entrepreneurs. And cute puppies.  

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ACCESSORY? My vintage film camera, guitar and a wrist full of mala beads.

ANY ADVICE FOR UP AND COMING ARTISTS? Whenever you feel discouraged or off track, meditate and remind yourself of what you're doing and why you're doing it.  It's not the easiest decision to walk or invent your own path, and it helps to stay focused on YOU, even if other people are being discouraging or critical.  You got this. 

WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE GIG? I played The Foundation Room at The House of Blues in LA for a few months, every weekend, and I just loved it.  

IF YOU COULD TRAVEL ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD TOMORROW TO MEET SOMEONE FROM HISTORY, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY?  I'd go to India and have lunch with Yogananda.  I'd just love to meet him in person, feel his aura and have a conversation.  

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